What is Model Aircraft?

What exactly is a model aircraft?


If you happen to be a beginner and are new to the science of model aircraft, you might be wondering as to what it is, exactly. Very simply, a model aircraft is actually a small sized aircraft that’s unmanned, or, as in the case of a scale model, a model aircraft is a replica of an already existing or imaginary aircraft. The model aircraft kinds are divided into two basic groups: flying and non-flying. Non-flying models are also termed static, display, or shelf models.

Perhaps, in your previous trips abroad (remember that wonderful trip to China using your Ctrip Chinese New Year promotion code?), there was a particular aircraft that caught your attention. Maybe there was an aircraft so majestic that you could not forget how it looked. If you’re in luck (the same way you got lucky with your Park N Shop coupon discount), then you just might have a model aircraft that goes with that particular plane. With the model aircraft, you get to have a smaller version of that plane which you could never forget.

Static Models: For Display Purposes

Of course, if your purpose is to relive particular aircraft memories wherever you are, then you’re probably looking for static models. These static models of aircraft (which means those that are not intended for flying) are actually scale models that are built using the following materials – plastic, wood, metal, paper, fiberglass or any other suitable material. Sometimes, a particular static model is scaled to be used in wind tunnels, which is where the data acquired will then be used to aid the design of full scale aircraft.

There are several models from which you can freely choose – models which have already been built and painted, models that require your active participation through construction, painting and gluing, and models that have already been painted but still need your participation in clipping the parts together.

The truth is, owning your own model aircraft is such an exciting thing. Not only do you get to relive the majestic sight of the aircraft that you had earlier fallen in love with, but you also get to enjoy that self-same experience without the hassle and expense of having to get onboard a real aircraft. You get to enjoy all these benefits without having to leave your own home.


In addition to this, model aircraft also holds a number of huge benefits for airline owners and managers. Why? Well, this is mainly because you can use these models of aircraft as attractive and irresistible promotional materials for your airline. You can set them in place and display them in travel agencies, where customers get to see the planes that your airline offers and at the same time, they get reminded of the comfort and style that you have to offer.

At the end of the day, model aircraft is not merely for the aircraft engineers. It’s also for those who wish to see the planes they love on their desks, and it’s also for those who wish to remind others of how wonderful their airline is.